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九九语录网收录“国庆节快乐的英文”,属于句子大全,经典句子,正文部分内容Filled the air in this ribbon, send you into concerns. I wish that our concern is no longer a National Day holiday.下面随小编一起来看下“国庆节快乐的英文”吧。



Wish our great motherland more prosperity, bless you, I become more expansive pocket, bless our health beautiful wife. Happy National Day!


Bless our country rich, strong and prosperous, blessed our lives into a well-off, bless our great party, happy National Day!


Filled the air in this ribbon, send you into concerns. I wish that our concern is no longer a National Day holiday.


I wish the motherland, I wish I look at the spread eagle, a shining star! This is my mother, China.


In this long National Day holiday, often recalled coexistence years. Find some time, about a place, with a blessing, to a very experience!


National Day on the mid autumn moon, the great motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, China is on the upgrade rich, strong and prosperous, wealthy Hong Chong ben.


National day close to close, the motherland off the people to forge ahead! You kept me fairly well-off to tomorrow!


The National Day Mid Autumn Festival together, friends and family together, lovers together, you and I together, we together for tomorrow better and together!


When the five star red flag is rising in the government building, we shoulder and shoulder, with our hands to play the new music for our great motherland.


Chinese, an untold story of a name, let every Chinese children feel proud name, a waved Sasa writing heroic name.


The mid autumn day and perfect conjugal bliss, Jiaxing National Day; in this beautiful day, wish you happy always!


Qing Guoqing, happy together, fifty-six national jubilation, I wish our motherland thriving!


The autumn leaves fly all over the sky, floating Kim Xiangxiang Montreal, you ran off to tomorrow to cheer me up, "money"! Zhu Guoqing harvest a lot!


Patriotism in the era of peace is doing ordinary things, to create extraordinary results for the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland to do something trivial, this is the patriotic.


Bless you: national, Jiaqing, official sources, financial resources, both ways, popularity, Fuyuan, margin entire, reluctant, wish, hope you.


The sky is blue, the grass is green, the National Day holiday exciting! The mountain is clear, the water is clear, go hand in hand over the land to travel. Belly, and less to buy clothes, this year the cost of your please!


Pack a bag of sunshine two sea breeze, made a few kilograms of blessings, from the heart of the deep cut a few of the care, as a gift to you, I wish a happy National day!


You are my chocolate, I am your chocolate, ah you see more beautiful, you would think her inability. National Day, I hope to meet with you!


Bless our great motherland more prosperous, the people of the motherland blessings every day! Bless you, I become more expansive pocket, bless our health beautiful wife!


This moment, have my deepest thoughts. Let the clouds to a full blessing, dotted with your sweet dream, wish you have a happy National Day holiday.


In this national day of celebration, dear, let us speak with cherish this beautiful time, let all the people around us are happy, happy!


Hongyan, to the south. The teams lined up, the river is long, autumn yellow grass, see cattle and sheep bleating moo. May the Hongyan bring you full of joy, I wish a happy National day!


The national day of fengqingyueming, with thy hand, were bathing in the moonlight, touching softly, slowly road.


Maybe you once said you lonely, perhaps you have a loss, and now you have me, forget the past, the next day I accompany you, the national day I and you together!


Wish the motherland prosperous and strong, the early realization of unity. I wish you a happy and well-being, as soon as possible to achieve a wish.


The backbone mountain arched, underfoot, meandering of the Yangtze River in the Yellow River, in the palm of the hand, life is not humble, the rise of the China, the East is the rising sun.


National Day happy; people reunion, happy heart; think of home, read Taiwan; home to and, the country should be happy!


The motherland Jiangshan million China Flower Li show. National day a good mood, packed their bags to travel. How happy I wish you a happy voyage. treasure, more fun.


The sky fluttering leaves into care, I hope we care among not only the advent of Shanxi holidays.


Have trouble with the wind, blowing to the sky, happy wind, blowing head. Dao Shun, man shun, everything is smooth, Hello, I'm good, everyone is good. Happy National day.


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