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九九语录网收录“as long as you love me翻译”,属于优美句子,正文部分内容1.你之所以会觉得难受,大概是因为你投入了大把时间和精力,到最后却没能得到你想要的东西,那种一瞬间被失落灌满的样子让你感…下面随小编一起来看下“as long as you love me翻译”吧。

as long as you love me翻译


1.The reason why you feel uncomfortable is probably because you put a lot of time and energy into it, but you can't get what you want in the end. It's not worth it to be filled with loss in a moment.


2. One day I will walk away silently from you without any noise. I miss a lot. I'm always sad by myself.


3. Sometimes, you love someone very much, but it's only your own business, like a monologue. In the end, the most touching person is just yourself.


4. Don't always think "it's too late". One day you will find that some things are not to be treasured until you are free.


5. It suddenly occurred to me that a person was good to me before, but no matter how nostalgic that was just before.


6. It's our own life whether we are sad or not. It's a heart whether we are sad or not. We all like to be brave and laugh and say nothing with tears.


7. It's impossible to say why you really love someone. You only know that whenever and wherever you are in a good mood, you want this person to accompany you.


8. It is said that time is the best prescription, only skin injury can be cured.


9. People in the past are like moldy bread, fermented milk and overnight tea. Even if you remember how beautiful they were, they can't recover their original appearance.


10. Every time I want to find a company, I find that some people can't find it, some people shouldn't, and others can't.


11. For one of you, how many people have I had a relationship with, but when you leave, they are gone.


12. In this city, the wind is very strong at night. You always think of home when you are most tired and think of him when you are most lonely.


13. We are not good actors emotionally. I can't hide my love. You can't show enthusiasm.


14. Lonely people like late night, and amorous people like dusk. Happy people like sunshine, sad people prefer wind and rain.


15. The feeling has faded, the heart has changed, does not love, even if you take out the heart also is merely the disturbance. As a matter of fact, it's better to miss some of them than not to see them for a long time.


16. One day, I will forget you. I didn't expect much or feel lost. I just know that one day.


17. Later, I was used to a person's life. I was used to no longer show sadness, no longer tell my mind, and you no longer love me.


18. Do you have a person you miss very much but dare not contact, can not put down and disturb, love deeply but no longer entangle.


19. Drink the lonely wine, blow the free wind, and wait for a person who has no return period to dream his own dream for the rest of his life.


20. The most terrible word in the world is not separation, but distance