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九九语录网收录“新年祝福语英文”,属于短信大全,春节短信,正文部分内容Baifu Linmen is often more than enough, auspicious and rich gather in the Spring Festival! The firecrackers didn’t ring, but I thought, are you happy in the Spring Festival? Friends always remember to expose you!下面随小编一起来看下“新年祝福语英文”吧。



Friends, let's wait quietly together for the future, hope, light and the coming New Year bell!


Friends, the Year of Pig is full of vigor. I wish you good health and**Happy Year of Pig!


Baifu Linmen is often more than enough, auspicious and rich gather in the Spring Festival! The firecrackers didn't ring, but I thought, are you happy in the Spring Festival? Friends always remember to expose you!


New Year's greetings are in it, wishing each other good health, children to save their hearts and enjoy themselves, you and I love as sweet as honey, happy Spring Festival body never tired!


Flowers blossom and fade, and then they grow and fall. Clouds roll and clouds shu, and it's another year. May the change of time bring you beautiful mood and happy New Year's Eve!


Sincere friendship will never be forgotten. May my best wishes surround you, Happy New Year and all the best!


In this wonderful moment, I wish you the present and the past year after year.


Acquaintance depends on fate, acquaintance depends on sincerity. No matter where you are, a true friend always pays attention and love. Wish you a happy New Year!


In a twinkling of an eye, it has come to the end of the cold winter, in such a harsh day, the yearning for you is deeper and deeper. I wish you peace and happiness!


In this happy time to share, miss friends, warm and sweet time, I wish you a happy Spring Festival and a happy New Year!


In the bell of the New Year, I raise my cup, any crystal thoughts, quietly settle at the bottom of the cup, deeply wish you happiness!


Many good things to you! A lot of smiles! Happy every second, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!


Today is good, tomorrow is better, sincere wishes; love is true, meaning is also cut, permanent heart. Wish you a happy Spring Festival!


I send you a short message: good value for money, good quality. Welcome you to enjoy my warm wishes!


May we continue to work hard in the new year, win-win cooperation and create new brilliance!


New Year is approaching. I wish you a happy New Year, all the best, happy and healthy.


Happy new year! May you have a world of your own!


The whole family is in harmony, happy all year round, happy all the year round, peaceful and peaceful all the time; happy every day, happy all the year round!


The dream of spring, the foil of summer, the edification of autumn, the test of winter, the new life as promised, glowing all things, the happy New Year, infiltrating infinite new blessings.


The snowflakes all over the sky are dancing notes, compose music with missing, play out expectations with blessings, bring you a happy New Year!


Please remember, remember the magnificent dream we have organized together, miss you and tell you, wish you a safe New Year, a happy New Year and a happy Spring Festival!


New Year's greetings wish you success and prosperity in the coming year. When playing mahjong, there is no artillery, and happiness can not run away from time to time.


New Year's greetings are sincere, not thousands of words. A heart song, wish you peace and prosperity year after year!


Happy Spring Festival! Wishing you: Marlboro Road to become rich; Hongta Mountain to be a career; A lover is better than Ashima; Greater China is full of financial resources!


A short message, there are so many concerns, just because it carries a strong blessing, I wish my teachers a happy New Year, happy family!


May your Spring Festival be filled with warmth, peace and joy of reunion with your loved ones. May the Spring Festival be filled with joy and happiness.


The New Year is coming again. I wish you good health, good luck in everything, what you want, how much you want to earn!


May the best things in the world always be around you. Happy New Year to you!


I wish you good luck, happiness and joy in the New Year.


New year, every year has new changes, but my heart has not changed, my vows have not changed, I want to... Grow old with you.


Family cares about you; Love moistens you; God of Wealth favors you; Friends are loyal to you; I will bless you; Lucky Star always shines on you!


In the new year, I hope my parents can be healthy, safe and happy!


On the occasion of leaving the old year and welcoming the new year, I sincerely wish you every success in the new year.


Remembering the old age, Kyushu celebrated the good weather and added splendor to the Expo; celebrating the Spring Festival, the four seas sang the same song as Tai Min'an.


Blessing is a sincere intention, not a thousand words. A heart song, wish you peace and prosperity year after year!


Let warm wishes, happy thoughts and friendly wishes come to you and stay with you in the New Year.


In the new year, I wish you all a happy harvest of love, academic progress, good health and all the best!


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